MZ Made Women's Purses, Clutch Bags, Tote Bags


MZ Made celebrates the weaving traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. For over a decade we have worked in true partnership with artisan communities, led by the ethos of slow fashion. Your purchase connects you to real people and their incredible artistry. Expertly handcrafted from start to finish, every thread has a story.

MZ Made Women's Purses, Clutch Bags, Tote Bags

Oaxacan Artistry

Oaxaca is magical, as are its people. MZ Made is a celebration of this magic, its roots, and the artistry of the Zapotecs. We are immeasurably grateful for the opportunity to share this incredible craftsmanship and be a part of a thriving force of creativity that so deeply honors the centuries-long weaving traditions of a resilient, beautiful culture and community of artisans.



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