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About Us

Rooted in the mountains of our hometown Santa Fe, New Mexico, we have established an outdoor clothing and lifestyle brand based on our deep love for the outdoor culture the Santa Fe Trails provides. No matter what trail you choose your adventure is Always Elevated on the Santa Fe Trails.

Running, Biking, Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding-you name it-you can find the love for the outdoors on our beautiful trails. 

Everything we do at Santa Fe Trail Outfitters from the products we offer to the designs on the products are deeply inspired by nature. Above all our team at SFTO is driven to use our passion for the outdoors to make a difference in our beautiful community.

The brand was started by myself (Nick Salazar), my wife Audrey and our 4-year old son, Brandon. When Covid hit, our lives were turned upside down. Like many people we were struck with fear and uncertainty. Quarantining at home and afraid to be around family and friends. We would go on walks or hikes everyday and the nature and peace of being outside in the fresh mountain air of Santa Fe helped keep us sane. We felt like we needed to get out of the house, away from screens and be outside in the fresh air. Lucky for us Santa Fe is the best place in the country to do that.  Connecting with the mountains and trials  helped us get through one of the hardest years we’ve ever had.

We saw many of our friends and family on social media posting pictures out on the trails as well. We felt like many others were vibing with the outdoor lifestyle as much as we were and we were inspired to build a community around the outdoor Santa Fe Lifestyle. 

More than anything we realized just how fragile life can be. We didn’t want to waste another second not doing something that wouldn’t fulfill us. So we upped and quit our jobs in search of something greater than ourselves. That’s how Santa Fe Trail Outfitters was born. We decided it was time to build a Santa Fe Lifestyle and Outdoor Brand as well as build a community around the Santa Fe Outdoors.

We have been inspired by the trails, mountains, landscapes, food, culture and our community. The city different is truly unique.

Not only do we want to build a brand that promotes the outdoors, we want to give back to the community as well. In New Mexico 1 in 4 children experiences hunger. So what we really wanted to do as a company is support our children in need. We have partnered up with the Santa Fe Food Depot and have committed to donate 5 meals for every item of apparel purchased. Our company mantra is Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good.

We are truly a mom and pop business. My wife Audrey and I work on this business together daily while spending time with our son. We hope you all will join our Santa Fe Trail Outfitters Family. Our brand is truly a reflection of our community and who we are. That’s why we have worked so hard to create apparel that we stand behind and represents our lifestyle. We are not only encouraging people to get outdoors and enjoy the trails, but also give back at he same time.